LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The pleas continue from police and safety advocates for people to pay more attention on our roads, especially now that it will be darker earlier in the day.

“I only thought this happened on the news,” Susan Smith said. “I didn’t think it would happen to me or my family.” Smith lost her 12-year-old son Johnny, in 2019 to a speeding driver.

“It could’ve been prevented had he been going 35 as the speed limit was posted,” Smith said. “He would’ve not hit my son. He would’ve been able to stop in time.”

Speed, impairment, and darkness are major factors in pedestrian deaths and deadly crashes.

The recent crash involving former Raiders player Henry Ruggs is a situation advocates describe as preventable.

Pedestrian deaths in Clark County have already reached the total number for 2019. With two months remaining in 2021, there might be at least as many, if not more, deaths on our roads as last year which topped out at 64.

“We live in a community where we encourage people to party and have a good time,” said the director of the Road Equity Alliance Project at UNLV Erin Breen. “That’s great as long as you don’t get behind a wheel of a car. And as long as you are not trying to navigate yourself across the street.”

Clark County leaders want people on foot to wear reflective gear and stay alert now that it’s darker earlier. A sentiment that goes for drivers as well.