A growing demand among students for coding lessons led a local couple to open up their own school.

It’s among only a handful of campuses in Southern Nevada specializing in a skill for youth.

Logan Amaya, 7, is the first student at the Coder School, the newest of it’s kind teaching youth how to code.

Amaya is a fan of the video game Minecraft and wants to learn how to make “swords and chairs and tables,” he said.

The school, located near Sahara and Fort Apache, is getting ready to open it’s doors, teaching students between ages 7-to-18 how to bring an idea to life by coding.

“It can be anything from i have an idea about a game i want to make maybe a traveling game where you get treasure and then i can write the code and then execute the game,” said Co-owner Danielle Mateo. 

Mateo is also a computer science teacher at Liberty High School, it is where she saw more of her students wanting to learn how to code.

“Can we have a code club after school? And you know, i just got to thinking,” Mateo said.

After doing some research, Danielle and her husband, Noel, decided to open up their own “The Coder School.”

The Silicon Valley-based company has more than 30 locations nationwide.

“We feel that there is a need to get kids into this field because of all the technology moving into the state,” said co-owner Noel Mateo.

The school is promising to provide individualized training to students. Enrollment is underway.

Instruction is expected to begin the first week of November.