More opportunities are opening up for students in an under-served part of the Las Vegas valley.

The state has approved a new public charter school in east Las Vegas giving children access to a better education.

A shopping center on Lamb Boulevard and Washington Avenue is being converted into a brand new K-8 charter school.

“This is an elementary campus so these would be upper elementary grades,” said Ignacio Prado, executive director, Futuro Academy.

It’s a new charter operator approved by the Nevada Achievement School District, a state program bringing better educational opportunities to students attending under-performing schools.

“I would call it opening doors, getting passed those gatekeepers that typically hold our students back here in east Las Vegas, Prado said.

The school is set to open next fall with kindergarten and first grade classes.

While anyone can apply, Prado has been spreading the word in the local community.

I think since we’re starting a new school, if you could put yourself in the shoes of a parent that needs to make a decision with their now four, five-year-old about where they’re going to spend a year, they’re probably likely going to want to sit down and talk,” Prado said.

He is sharing his own personal story which he believes resonates with many families in the surrounding neighborhoods.

He was an English Language Learner. After graduating from college, he taught at a school not far from Futuro academy to predominantly ELL students.

“Fell in love with the cause and I know it’s something that we need to work on as a district and I feel like I can contribute between my experience as a teacher and also my experience as a student having struggled to learn English.”

With a lot of work ahead, Prado is focusing on the future of Futuro Academy.

“Success is when kids are on a new life path because of their education.”

Enrollment is not open yet, however parents interested can submit an “intent to enroll” form.