LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The start of a new school year is less than a week away for Clark County School District teachers and students.

However, the hiring season for the district is still in full swing, as 1,300 more teachers are still needed to fill vacancies.

Currently, 883 new teachers are preparing for the new school year which will begin on August 8.

Devontae Thorns said he moved from Houston, Texas to take a new job as a teacher with CCSD.

“I came because there was an alternative program. I wanted to see what it was like honestly. I got in the program, I met some good people, they helped shape me up to become a good teacher,” he said.

Thorns has now started the onboarding process and described it as difficult.

“It’s rigorous but I mean if you want to do something you have to see it through,” he added.

It’s something all 883 new teachers had to go through because Dr. Jesus Jara, superintendent at CCSD said, he expects only the best from all of his staff.

“We are deploying every educator from the central office into our schools. We are deploying administrators who have licenses into our schools. We want a certified educator, licensed in the classroom with kids. That is our priority,” Dr. Jara said.