New CCSD Superintendent speaks about plans at Del Sol Academy


There a new man taking over the reigns of the Clark County School District. Dr. Jesus Jara took his first school tour today to talk about the plans for his tenure.

Dr. Jara took the time to visit Del Sol Academy.  As soon as he arrived on campus, he went right into a classroom and spoke one-on-one with dozens of high school students about the importance of their success.

“I’m just happy to be with all of you,” Dr. Jara said.

During the assembly at DeL Sol Academy, Dr. Jara talked about his plan for the future.

Go here to read CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s plan

“I’ll tell you; I’m going to be the quarterback,” Dr. Jara said. 

He also touched on topics CCSD’s budget, community funding, and teacher morale.

“This is to accelerate what’s been going on in this school system because if you talk to the folks and you see internally, this is a great team,” Dr. Jara said.

Job cuts are at the top of Jara’s mind because CCSD is set to start the 2018-19 school year with a $68 million deficit. 

“We need to get our financial house in order,” Dr. Jara said.

A lack of cash means slashing over five hundred positions district-wide; that’s about one to eight people per school.

“We really need to have some honest and hard conversations about what it is as a community we want education to look like and are we willing as a community to fund that,” CCSD Trustee President Deanna Wright said.

Wright hopes Jara’s passion helps them all push toward a clearer plan.

“We need some cash; we need some money to expand those programs,” Dr. Jara said.

During his speech, he focused on a few funding options, including the designation of marijuana money.

“Are we spending our resources where they need to go,” Dr. Jara asked. “That’s something I need to get a real clear picture of.”

As he works to fix financial issues, he’ll build a bond with teachers, and commit to the children he calls his number one priority.

“I believe that we need to invest in our classroom teachers,” Dr. Jara said.” “This is what I believe to be the greatest job in America.” 

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