LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— A new bike park is coming to a growing part of the valley.

Local leaders and a packed crowd filled Faiss Park Saturday morning to celebrate a kick-off event for the new Southwest Ridge BMX Skills park.


Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones (District F) said the 17-acre park will start on Warm Springs and stretch to S. Fort Apache Road. The area is a development site with existing trails.

“It has a pump track where you can go up and down, it will have little bridges that you can go over,” said Jones. “It’ll have something where you go down the hill on. It’s just fun for the kids and adults to really learn how to do it safely.”

Southwest Ridge BMX Skills park would be the first bike park in the southwest valley. Ray Rodriguez, an avid cyclist with 3P Tri team said there have been too many deaths involving cyclists on our streets.

“A lot of us cyclists have friends, even teammates that have been killed in accidents. The year before one of our teammates Erin Ray passed away due to a negligent driver of a box truck,” said Rodriguez. “So, I’m excited to be able to stay safe and be off the roads and have our own paved section.”


While many are here to show their support for the new projects, others like Butch Hampton have some concerns.

He lives in the Copper Ridge community off of Fort Apache and Warm Springs.

Hampton said the county wants to connect to the neighborhood’s utilities which will impact the main entrance to their homes,

“I’m concerned they’re not going to maintain the aesthetics of the entrance to our community. Are they just going to put up chain-link fences? Or are they going to have landscaping that is equivalent to what’s on our side of the street coming in? said Hampton. “When we first moved into this area, Pulte Home told us that land was owned by BLM, we found out that was not true and they already sold it to the county. I think it’s a good idea for the kids if it’s done tastefully. If it’s done inexpensively and impacts our community, I’m definitely not in favor of it.”


Commissioner Jones said the city is working to meet with those living in nearby neighborhoods to address their concerns.

Construction for the bike park is expected to start mid-2023, with project costs at $7 million in federal funding.