New app to offer prayer, support to people in need


The holiday season ushers in a spirit of happiness for many people.  It’s a time to have a good time celebrating with family and friends.

But for many people struggling with addiction, it can be a nightmare because, with all of the joy and cheer that comes with the holidays, there can also be sadness, and with sadness comes temptation.

However, a new phone app hopes to intercept any temptation.  The “Prayer Spark” app is an addiction recovery tool that claims to offer mobile support for people in recovery.

Prayer Spark, which was launched in Las Vegas, gives addicts around-the-clock tracking, encouragement and support from spiritual leaders all over the world.

Nyla Christian is an author and a motivational speaker who tours the country speaking openly and freely about her battle with addiction.

Christian shared with 8 News NOW the painful story that led her to struggle with alcohol and drugs.

“Unfortunately, I was overloved by my father, and my family told me that the best thing I could do for my family was not to tell anyone,” Christian said.  “I was told to keep it quiet; to shut it down.”

However, the secret was too great for Christian, so she said she began to cover up her pain with drugs and alcohol.

“I had delved past vodka, to cocaine to crack cocaine,” Christian said.  “My life had become at best harrowing — at worst.  I visited a few institutions here and there.”

Christian said the one thing she needed the most throughout her recovery was to stay connected.

Dr. Daniel Saurborn is a radiologist who co-founded the app.  He says doctors can only treat a patient for so much.

“Doctors are not trained to answer questions about the patient’s religion or to tend to their soul,” said Dr. Saurborn.  “They’re very good at tending to the body, but psychiatrists are very good at tending to the mind.”

Michael Feder, the founder, and CEO of Prayer Spark said the idea of the app came to him a couple of years ago when Nelson Mandela was sick and asked for prayers.

“We’re creating a closed silo so you can — in the middle of the night — communicate in a way that is secure,” said Feder.  “It’s not like being on Facebook and talking back and forth.”

Instead, you can access the website and soon the app to find a spiritual leader through a category of prayer.  Once that’s done, you can ask them for support, no matter where they are in the world.

The app will be available through Solutions Recovery in January.

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