LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Rep. Susie Lee was one of hundreds of members of Congress and thousands more staff put into lockdown after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol complex Wednesday.

Lee, a Democrat, was in her office, which is in a separate building on the campus, when armed protesters stormed the Capitol building.

“It was very scary,” Lee told 8 News Now while in a secure location during the lockdown. “Not only were you seeing our Capitol being overwhelmed on TV across the street, but then knowing there were other instances that were requiring some attention, and not knowing if someone could have breached the building that I was in.”

Earlier in the day, a mob breeched the Capitol building, breaking through doors and windows as senators and representatives counted the electoral votes. Inside the building, staffers received text messages and email alerts telling them to stay away from windows and seek cover. Video shows members of Congress hiding in a balcony as gunshots were fired below. One woman was shot and killed in the melee.

“Police were clearly overwhelmed at the Capitol,” she said. “There was a fear that at any point someone could be outside my door.”

Some members of Congress sheltered in place while others were moved to a secure location in the basement, sources told the I-Team. No member of Congress was injured.

The vast complex includes several office buildings on either side of the Capitol for members of Congress and their staff. Lee was in her office, watching what was unfolding.

About six hours after the incident began, Congress got back to work, counting the vote.

8 News Now reached out to all of Nevada’s congressional delegation Wednesday.