Nevada’s governor primary race garnering national attention


Tuesday was a big day for candidates hoping voters would put a check by their names in the primary elections. But Nevada races weren’t just on the candidates’ minds. Several key Nevada races are in the national spotlight.


The most high-profile is the governor’s race. The primaries on both sides are hotly-contested, and once the polls close Tuesday night, it will be revealed who will be squaring off in the November general election.

There’s a lot of money being spent in the campaigns to replace Governor Brian Sandoval.  Millions of dollars have been spent in the ads for the governor’s race, and many of those ads have aired nearly 13,000 times in the silver state. That amount is the fourth-highest total in the country, and it’s only the primary.

Democrats and rival county commissioners Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak made their final pitches to100,000 voters expected at the polls Tuesday.

Giunchigliani has attacked Sisolak over guns and not being a progressive Democrat, while Sisolak has countered with attacks that Giunchigliani paid her late husband large amounts for campaign services and voted to raise her own pay while in the legislature.

On the Republican side, Attorney General Adam Laxalt and State Treasurer Dan Schwartz have been locked in their own divisive primary.  Schwartz claims Laxalt, the front-runner in the race, is “bought and paid for” by Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.

8 News NOW caught up with three of the candidates as they cast their ballots Tuesday.

“I’ve got more GOTV stuff, two phone banks up and running; I’ve still got people knocking on doors, so I want to go up and do that,” said Sisolak.  “My team keeps me pretty busy doing drop by’s and shaking hands, so we’ll do that right up until 7:00.”

“Going door to door, phone banking we lit dropped at 6 a.m.,” said Giunchigliani. “My little sister’s in town. My niece and my sister in law they went out at 6.”

“We bring a record of success,” Laxalt said.  “We’ve been able to tackle a lot of big problems for our great state, and our opponents, either one of them, are from the Clark County Commission, and have a lot of failures that have come out of that county.” 

Nevada’s current governor, Sandoval is very popular, but he has termed-out, so he cannot run for re-election.

The legislature has bounced back-and-forth between Republican and Democrat control, but the GOP has held strong to the governor’s seat for the last two decades.

Democrats currently control the state legislature, but they’re hoping to flip the governor’s seat as well. Republicans, of course, wish to hold on to it, saying Democrats will turn Nevada into essentially an extension of California.

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