The FBI and Oregon State Police have released helicopter video of the operation that left militia member LaVoy Finicum dead and ended with the Bundy brothers and other militia members in custody.

The situation came to a head on Highway 395 Tuesday afternoon with differing stories on how everything played out.

In a press conference Thursday evening, the FBI said various accounts of the shooting were inaccurate and, in some instances, inflammatory.

The video shows Oregon State Police troopers gunning down Finicum. He was a leading voice in the fight against the U.S. government over states’ rights and among several protesters who have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for several weeks.

Law enforcement tried stopping the vehicle Finicum was driving that included several passengers. The video shows an agent jumping out of the way as the truck avoids driving through a road block.

Finicum got out of the vehicle with his hands up. According to the FBI, he then reached toward a pocket at least twice where authorities say he had a loaded handgun, prompting troopers to shoot and kill him.

Controversial cattle rancher Cliven Bundy spoke with 8 News NOW by phone from his home in Bunkerville, Nevada after watching the video.

Bundy led a similar fight against the federal government in 2014 over land in Clark County. The Bureau of Land Management backed down from that standoff.

Bundy’s son Ammon led the fight in Oregon. Ammon and his brother Ryan were among those arrested this week.

“They’re gonna’ kill my sons one way or the other if something don’t happen here,” Cliven said. “LaVoy Finicum was executed, and I believe my sons are political prisoners.”

“The BLM is nothing more than a bureaucratic bureaucracy of terrorism against rural America,” added Nevada Assemblywoman and Congressional candidate Michele Fiore (Clark County-R).

Fiore and Bundy disagree with the FBI’s explanation of events. They say they believe Finicum was reaching to cover a wound after he was already shot.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing says the video tells a different story.

“Actions have consequences, and the FBI and Oregon State Police tried to affect these arrests peacefully,” he said.

After his arrest, Ammon Bundy asked supporters to back down and to let this play out in court. Cliven says he believes his son was pressured to say that.

The FBI says they still hope to reach a peaceful conclusion in Oregon. They say as many as four people remain inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The FBI is negotiating with them.

Since the establishment of checkpoints outside the refuge, nine militia members have left; six of them were released, and three were arrested by the FBI.