It seemed impossible until it was done. 

The Las Vegas Golden Knights did not take home the Stanley Cup, but they made their mark in the world of sports. 

“I went to my first hockey game. The energy in the building and the fans, I was hooked,” said Golden Knights fan Michael Jenkins. 

The Golden Knights’ emotional home opener honored the 58 victims in the 1 October shooting and the teams stunning success captivated thousands. 

“After Derek made that amazing speech, I think we instantly felt bonded to them,” said Golden Knights fan Katie Leavitt. “To give us something to cheer for, something to take our minds off of what had happened, it felt like they were fighting for us.”

Ilana Short wants to turn the experience into a lasting memory. She works at the Nevada State Museum. 

“Seeing how involved the players were in their new community unified everyone to stand behind them as a team,” said Short. 

The first sports exhibit will debut at the Nevada State Museum in 2020, it will coincide with the Raiders move.

“Being a history related museum, we really tell the story of things that have happened in the past so this will be one of the first times that we would have encompassed a new exhibit in the history museum,” said Short. 

The museum is asking fans to pass along t-shirts, white towels, and any souvenirs. 

“I think that’s what really brought this city together and I don’t know that anybody else could have done that for us the way that they did,” said Leavitt. 

It was a moment in time that Golden Knights fans will never forget.