LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s incoming secretary of state Cisco Aguilar (D) spoke with 8 News Now Investigator Vanessa Murphy during his race for office.

Aguilar faced Republican Jim Marchant, Independent American candidate Janine Hansen, and Libertarian Ross Crane.

His victory is now in the national spotlight for an office that until false claims of voter fraud were made in the 2020 general election didn’t get much attention.

The secretary of state’s office handles business matters such as licensing and oversees elections.

Vanessa Murphy: All eyes were on Clark County with getting the ballots processed. Should the system change?

Cisco Aguilar: You know, mail ballots are new. We’re still learning.

Murphy: So what specifically would you fix? So we’re not sort of waiting a long time again for the general election.

Aguilar: I think one recognizes the fact that Nevada is such a deep purple state. You’re going to see these issues.

While Clark County received criticism for its pace in processing ballots, Joe Gloria Registrar of Voters insisted he was following the law and using all resources he had.

Murphy: Should any date change? As far as the mail ballots or should, for example, Joe Gloria, have more bodies and more machines?

Aguilar: I think it’s my responsibility as the future secretary of state to say, hey, Joe, let’s come together and let’s have a conversation and where can we be better? What can we do to help make this process stronger for everybody? For me to make a statement flat out right now without talking to Joe and getting his perspective on the way things went.

Murphy: How soon after you’re sworn in will you start those conversations?

Aguilar: I’m starting them now with learning the secretary of state’s office, meeting with the current secretary.

Murphy: Should every Nevadan get a mail ballot?

Aguilar: Absolutely.

Murphy: Every voter.

Aguilar: Every eligible voter, legal voter should get a mail ballot. The reason why is if you look at who Nevada is, we’re a very large state from a geographic perspective, but we’re also 24-seven economy. We have individuals who are working 12-hour shifts. And to go back to a single day of voting on Tuesday just isn’t logical.

Aguilar also said he wants to push for a change in the law to make harassing election workers a felony.

Currently, it’s a misdemeanor in Nevada.

Also on Aguilar’s list is making improvements to the secretary of state’s website.