Nevada residents opening their doors to those fleeing Hurricane Irma


Resident Adriana Pingel is watching the news nervously, she’s anxious and scared with Hurricane Irma getting closer to Florida.

“Whoever wants to evacuate and fly to Las Vegas for Hurricane Irma, my house is open,” Pingel wrote on her Facebook page. “You can bring kids and pets”.

Pingel calls Miami home while her family still lives in the region. Pingel’s sister Anadelis has decided to ride the storm out and take her chances.

“What she said was ‘I have water. I have food. We put gas in all the cars and we’re closing everything and we’re going to stay here’,” Pingel said.

Pingel breathed a sigh of relief when Anadelis called her Thursday night. Her sister says they piled sandbags against the door and bought storm shutters for their windows.

It’s not the first time her family has lived through a hurricane.

“You can see the trees going back and forth, the trees flying, and that’s a category 3,” Pingel said.

Adriana’s husband was deployed to South Korea on Friday. With so much chaos in the world, she wants to do good and her door is open to anyone looking for refuge.

Though her sister hasn’t taken her up on that offer, she hopes someone will.

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