Nevada healthcare advocates disappointed by Trumpcare vote


As Republicans in the House of Representatives were able to gat an approval vote to repeal Obamacare and pass their own version of a health care bill, it signaled the first big win for President Donald Trump.

“What a great group of people,” President Trump said.  “And they’re not even doing it for the party; they’re doing it for the country because we suffered with Obamacare.”
The president himself lobbied GOP members in Congress to support the plan.  Lawmakers say the bill that passed the House with two votes is necessary to provide health coverage for people who have seen their premiums rise under Obamacare. 

Democrats say the Republican plan will cause people with pre- existing conditions to lose their insurance.  Nevada was one of the states in the spotlight during the healthcare debate.
Nevada Democrats say more than 150,000 residents of the state stand to lose healthcare under the American Healthcare Act.  In fact, two Republicans on Capitol Hill have opposed the bill, but one of those Republicans flipped.

“This bill is inhumane, and a means by which to increase the profits of the health insurance industry,” said Amy Vilela, healthcare advocate.

Vilela’s 22-year-old daughter died of a pulmonary embolism due to a blood clot.

“I am the mother of a child who died because she couldn’t provide proof of insurance,” Vilela said.

She says the hospital turned her daughter away, due to a lack of insurance.  Vilela said Trump care will do little to change that.

Nevada Republican Mark Amodei, who was initially a firm ‘no’ vote on the American Health Care Act voted ‘yes’ Thursday.

Nevada Democrats say the congressman gave into pressure from the white house.

“He had concerns about the Medicaid provisions and the rollback of that funding, he had concerns about the rushed process, the lack of transparency, the lack of hearings; that hasn’t changed,” said Stewart Boss, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party.

In a statement to 8 News NOW Nevada’s other Republican on the Hill, Sen. Dean Heller maintained his opposition to the bill in its current form.

“We cannot pull the rug out from under states like Nevada that expanded Medicaid, and we need assurances that people with pre-existing conditions will be protected,” Heller said.

But other Republicans in the state, such as KXNT Radio Host Alan Stock says Trumpcare is still better than Obamacare.

“I’m sure it’ll be better for the people, but I’m still wanting to see more,” Stock said.

The next move for the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare is that it will to the United States Senate.

In the meantime, Vilela says she plans to continue her plight to stop Trumpcare.

“We must fight this passage of the bill, in the Senate, and work towards a bill that guarantees healthcare for all Americans,” she said.

Governor Brian Sandoval, R-NV, was the first Republican to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  Governor Sandoval still opposes Trump’s American Health Care Act.
Sandoval says he will continue working with Sen. Heller for other healthcare reforms.

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