LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Cannabis lounges are now legal in Nevada, however many are wondering when exactly they will open up.

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance board or (CCB) tells 8 News Now they are getting everything ready.

“We were the first dispensary to open in Las Vegas,” said Frank Hawkins owner of Nevada Wellness Center. “This is the consumption lounge that has been ready for about two years.”

Despite it being legal, he says can’t open this lounge.

“Not until regulation has been created by the new CCB,” Hawkins added.

8 News Now sat down with the executive director of the CCB, Tyler Klimas to see when doors could open.

“If everything goes well we will probably see the first consumption lounges open up mid-year next year so mid-year 2022,” Kilmas said.

From public safety to health concerns, he says the board is working on the rules and regulations needed for the lounges.

“A lot of it has to do with the licensing and the application of consumption lounges,” Klimas added.

The board expects the application period to open in the spring. The process could take a few months.

Existing dispensaries can apply to add a lounge for a $100,000 non-refundable application fee.

20 independent lounges will be permitted for a smaller, not yet determined fee.

“Half of those independent lounges, per the legislation, will be held and awarded to social equity applicants further increasing the inclusiveness and the diversity of this industry,” Klimas added.

The board is still trying to determine who will qualify as social equity applicants.

“Then you will come in front of the board and you will address the board and the board will deem you suitable or suitable to open a license,” he said.

Klimas also adds that those in the industry can get updates through workshops or public meetings.

The board expects to have a large universal meeting about the rules and regulations in December.