LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The chair of the Nevada Athletic Commission threatened Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo with potential charges during a commission meeting on Tuesday in relation to the death of a 20-year-old UNLV student.

In November 2021 UNLV student, Nathan Valencia, 20, participated in a charity boxing match. After his unsanctioned match, he collapsed and died from head injuries.

Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman, Stephen Cloobeck, said he was going to ask Sheriff Lombardo to testify about the police investigation into the death of Valencia.

As the 8 News Now Investigators first reported, an investigation by the attorney general’s office released in August, said Metro police failed to look into whether foul play was involved. Instead, Metro police only investigated if the location of the event had a proper license.

Cloobeck stated that he wanted additional testimonies from Metro about their investigation into Valencia’s opponent in the match, Emmanuel Aleman.

Investigators said they were able to examine all the gear used at the event except for Aleman’s.

“We don’t know how his hands were wrapped, we don’t know if he was on any kind of illicit substances. I don’t know abuse nobody did drug tests,” said Cloobeck.

Sheriff Lombardo did not appear in person at the Tuesday meeting and instead sent a letter to the board stating Cloobeck’s conduct at the last meeting was unprofessional saying “it appears that there is no intention to conduct this meeting any differently.”

Cloobeck said he will ask the attorney general’s office about potential charges against Sheriff Lombardo.

“You can’t lie to the commission that’s perjury. When you lie to a state agency that’s perjury. People go to jail for that,” said Cloobeck.

Cloobeck is a large Democratic donor and a supporter of Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak who Sheriff Lombardo is challenging in the governor race.

As for now, the questions about the gloves Aleman was wearing during the match still go unanswered.

Attorney General Aaron Ford’s office did not comment.