(NEXSTAR) — Are you smarter than a Nevada fifth-grader taking their annual math assessment test? As another new school year is underway, it’s never a bad idea to know what the kids are learning — or how hard the lessons are.

The following questions were taken from the state’s Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, or SBAC, which is a test given in grades 3 through 8 in Nevada. The State Department of Education posts practice tests for each grade online.

While students are typically assessed in the spring, it’s time for you to test your skills now with these fifth grade-level math questions. And while the term “easy” is subjective, these are five math problems that don’t require graphing and don’t incorporate geometry. Some are multiple-choice, but some are not.

Use your cursor or finger to highlight and reveal the answers. Calculators allowed. Pencils up!

Question 1: Which number is equal to 10 to the fourth power?

Answer choices: A. 100; B. 1,000; C. 10,000 or D. 100,000

Correct answer: C. 10,000.

Question 2: Susan has 4 gallons of juice. How many cups of juice does she have?

Correct answer: 64.

Question 3: Which number makes this inequality true?

4253.647 > ?

Answer choices: A. 4253.664; B. 4253.655; C. 4253.649 or D. 4253.638

Correct answer: D. 4253.638.

Question 4: Connor is buying tickets to a concert. The concert he and his friends want to see costs $4.75 per ticket. Connor has $26.00 total.

What is the greatest number of tickets Connor can buy?

Answer choices: A. 4; B. 5; C. 6 or D. 7

Correct answer: B. 5.

Question 5: Jen measured the growth of a sunflower.

  • In week one, it grew 2 ½ inches.
  • In week two, it grew 2 ¾ inches.
  • In week three, it grew 3 ¼ inches.

How much did the sunflower grow over all three weeks?

Answer choices: A. 5 ¾ in; B. 7 ½ in; C. 8 in or D. 8 ½ in

Correct answer: D. 8 ½ in.

Congrats! You did it.

You can find more sample math and English assessment tests at the Nevada Department of Education.