LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A blizzard with fierce winds is expected to hit the San Bernardino County Mountains, including Big Bear Valley sometime Friday evening. It has already been a rough winter for a pair of feathered residents protecting their two eggs.

Bald eagles Jackie, the female, and her mate, Shadow, have been diligently taking turns sitting on their two eggs during the recent snow storms. How do we know this? The nest of this pair is continuously monitored by a live camera with a video feed anyone can watch thanks to the non-profit Friends of Big Bear Valley.

The group doesn’t interfere with the eagles, just monitors them and gives updates on its website and Facebook page.

“Snow… and more snow… and then more snow…” is how the latest Facebook post begins.

Some watchers have worried that the expected blizzard conditions — this is the first blizzard warning ever for Big Bear Valley — could put the eagles and their eggs at risk.

One of the eagles keeps the eggs warm. Photo from the live camera on Feb. 24 at 2 p.m. (Credit: Friends of Big Bear Valley Eagle Nest Cam)

But as those who have monitored the bald eagles will tell you, these birds are tough and can handle extremely cold temperatures.

“They each have over 7000 water-proof feathers covering their body, so the snow they shake off does not even make them wet. And under those feathers is a thick layer of down feathers that keep their body warm,” the Facebook post states.

The eggs can survive as long as they remain dry and covered.

There is some concern though, the eggs should be hatching any day and with each passing day, the odds are against that happening. In the past, Jackie has laid some eggs that didn’t hatch.

You can read more about Jackie and Shadow at this link and also check out the live camera to see how they are doing.