Neighbors recount frightening shooting at nearby store


One man is dead and two others are in jail after allegedly trying to rob a convenience store overnight. Metro
says it was a store clerk who fired the fatal shots.

It happened near Vegas Valley Drive and Mountain Vista Street.

Drug deals and fights. That’s just a small sample of what some who live in the neighborhood say happens frequently in the 7-Eleven parking lot.

But what happened last night they’d never seen before. By morning, the cleanup was almost over and the 7-Eleven was about to return to normal.

“It was really bad last night,” said Sylvia Salazar, witness.  “We hardly had any sleep.” 

Salazar and her family aren’t quite ready yet.

“It was really bad.”

It was around midnight when Salazar and her two children got home, but instead of going inside they stayed right where they were.

“As soon as we drove up,” said witness Alfonso Avina. “We heard something at the 7-Eleven.”

Across the street, a spark of violence.

“My daughter said, ‘mom, stay in the car, don’t get out.'” Salazar said.

“Then we started hearing gunshots right away and there was a couple people outside,” Avina said.

 “I saw him try to hide and I saw him pulling out a gun and I closed my eyes because I knew he’s going to shoot him. Next thing I know, he’s on the floor not moving,” Salazar said.

What Salazar and others nearby witnessed was an attempted robbery, and an apparent fight back. Metro Police say three men went into the 7-Eleven, confronted the clerks, left, then came back.

“And there was a guy with a blade. A knife i guess,” Avina said. 

In the commotion, detectives say one of the employees shot an intruder twice, killing him.

“I think it’s like the Fourth of July,” said witness Olga Bierbrasanta.

She lives across the street.

“Some more screaming and saying ‘Help, help!'”

Two other suspects were arrested. Eighteen-year-old Eric Ball and 20-year-old Richard Ball face several charges.

The clerk who pulled the trigger has not been arrested. Metro isn’t sure if it will recommend charges.

Salazar isn’t sure if she can get what she saw last night out of her mind.

“From seeing him running to seeing him on the floor, it was very devastating. I feel sick in my stomach still.” ))

Metro is still investigating, and says surveillance video from the store will be crucial to the case.

According to Metro, staff at stores are allowed to be armed. It is up to their management. 

7-Eleven staff and management declined to do an interview.

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