Neighbors react to shooting in store parking lot


The search continues for a man involved in a shooting at a shopping center parking lot near Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue Wednesday.

No one died but three people were taken to the hospital. Now, some nearby worry about how this may impact businesses in the area.

The intersection of Nellis and Stewart is a busy one with lots of cars and people. It’s also where, some say, a lot of crime continues to happen. Some worry about it impacting businesses at Regency Plaza.

“You never know what’s going to happen here anymore,” said Alison Cortez, manager, Crepes n’ Tacos.

It’s a concern for Cortez while preparing customers drinks at Crepes n’ Tacos, a family-owned restaurant she manages.

“It does have an effect, especially a small business, it can effect it in the way customers won’t come in because they’re scared for their own safety.”

The shootout happened in the late afternoon Tuesday. The business cameras barely captured a man running away from the parking lot. But that’s not the only crime in the area lately.

“I just had a guy come in like three weeks ago and steal my tip jar money,” Cortez said.

It adds to the issues some have already noticed in the neighborhood. 

 “It’s just nothing very nice,” said Michael Montelbano. “More people getting shot, robberies.”

“The 7-Eleven right here on the corner of Stewart and Nellis. I used to work right there and I got robbed three times in three months,” said Kyle Johnson.

Metro crime mapping data shows about 15 reports on Nellis between Charleston and Stewart in the last seven days ranging from burglaries to disturbances.

It does bother Johnson.

“Yes, definitely, but it doesn’t surprise me,”

“You just don’t think these things are going to happen, then you get worried for your own safety,” Cortez said.

She says, these sort of incidents always cause a brief lull in business.

“When something happens it’s kind of when it goes down hill and then people forget about it and then start coming back in.”

Some say they’re now becoming more aware of their surroundings and taking precautions like locking their home and car doors.

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