Neighborhood still on edge following deadly officer-involved shooting


The search for a suspect in a violent crime spree ended in a deadly officer-involved shooting on Thursday. 

The shooting happened around 4 a.m. in the northeast valley, near N. Hollywood Boulevard and E. Owens Avenue. 

Metro Police officers shot and killed a man after he tried to run them down with his car.  They said the man was one of three suspects connected to a violent string of east valley robberies.

The incident left people living in the area feeling uneasy.

“It blows my mind because it’s kind of like, it just; I’m stunned,” said Jordan, a neighbor.  “I’ve never even had an experience of that happening to me.  It makes me scared. All this stuff going on and it’s right down the place where I live.”

Jordan lives close to where the shooting occurred. He says the news is hard to swallow.

“It makes you trust that whatever is happening to this city is going to keep happening regardless of what people are doing and stuff,” Jordan said.

The suspect was sleeping in a car with an AR-15 rifle when Metro discovered him. They noticed the vehicle because it fit the description of one stolen in an attempted robbery that occurred last week.

“Our officers were readily identifiable, red lights, blue lights,” said Captain Jamie Prosser, Metro Police.

But the suspect still drove toward officers with his car. He eventually crashed into one patrol car, and that’s when officers shot and killed him.

“For us to be in a bowl of all this hatred, and all this violence and all this; it’s going to change, I don’t know when but it will change,” Jordan said.

According to Jordan, the shock of the situation reminds him to stay safe and aware.

“I mean I’ve lived here for my whole life and for all this stuff to just keep happening,” Jordan said.  “Always be with a group of people, always be with somebody.”

Currently, there are two other robbery suspects in police custody. Their names will be released at a later date.

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