Veteran in fight with HOA to display American flag outside home

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Marine veteran who fought for the flag is surprised to find himself battling for it once again in his retirement. Richard Jenkins’ Homeowner’s Association in Virginia wants him to take his twenty-foot flag pole down, and the American flag with it.
Tim barber has more on the controversy.

“It means freedom. A lot of people that I know have fought for this flag,” Jenkins said.

When Jenkins got a flag for Father’s Day, the 77-year old had no idea of the controversy it would stir.

“As Americans, everybody should have a right to put a flag in the ground,” Jenkins said.

However, the Willow Shade Homeowners’ Association says Jenkins did not get proper approval for the 20-foot pole, which the Culpepper HOA wants it taken down.

Reporter Tim Barber called the HOA president, but so far, he hasn’t heard back.

Tim Barber, Reporter: “Why move here if you can’t follow the HOA rules, which say you can’t erect a structure without getting approval first?”
Richard Jenkins: “Well, Tim, let’s put it this way — there were no rules.”

Jenkins’ neighbor Wally Bunker says the HOA doesn’t have guidelines for flags.

“I will be honest with you, Tim. I was the president of the HOA for eight years, and the flag issue never came up,” Bunker said.

After Jenkins put up his flag on a flag pole, his neighbor across the street put up his own flag pole as well. Then another neighbor and another neighbor.

“When he put up one, I said I’ll put up one too. What’s the problem? It’s too pretty to take down. Everybody likes looking at my flag,” Jenkins said.

And not one of the flag flying neighbors have plans of taking their flags down.

According to Jenkins, the solidarity his neighbors are showing means a lot to him and his family.

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