US pet owners spending billions on animals

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(CNN) — If you ever get that nagging feeling you may be spending too much money on your pet, you could be right.  According to the American Pets Products Association, we spent more than $95 billion on our best friends last year!

Where did all that money go? Mostly to food and treats — nearly $37 billion of it!

The next largest category was vet care and health related products, raking in just over $29 billion. Pet owners also spent more than $10 billion on services like boarding, grooming and training.

Experts say one reason we’re spending so much more is because of advances in the pet industry. Food mixes and toppers are popular options in the food category, and more pets are getting surgery and pharmaceuticals as part of their vet care.

Keep in mind, these numbers are only for the us, but they do include all pets.

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