LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Super Bowl LVI had many memorable moments to talk about the day after, but looking at what people in the U.S. searched most for online shows that the game itself might have taken a back seat to the halftime show and commercials for many people.

Taking a look at the trends surrounding the game itself, out of the 50 states, more people searched for information on the Cincinnati Bengals than the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, more people in only 17 states searched more for the Rams than the Bengals. This included Nevada and almost all of the west coast states.

On Monday, Google and YouTube published that the top four most-searched foods include pizza at No. 1, followed by Chinese food, wings, Mexican food, and sushi.

The number of people who watched Super Bowl ads on YouTube increased more than 35%, compared with 2021. The top ad by Game Day views through 7 p.m. PT was Amazon’s Big Game commercial Mind Reader.

Another top search nationwide was Anderson .Paak. And yes, this is the correct spelling of his name. The rapper, born Brandon Paak Anderson, now goes by Anderson .Paak and says the period before stands for detail, something he says he always pays attention to. .Paak was seen on drums during Eminem’s set in the Super Bowl halftime show.

During the game, national trending moments included:

  • 50 cent super bowl — 26,000%
  • Kendrick Lamar super bowl — 4,800%
  • The rings of power — 3,900%
  • Ice cube super bowl — 1,800%
  • Dr Dre super bowl — 1,800%
  • Celebrities at super bowl 2022 — 1,300%
  • Drake super bowl bet — 1,200%
  • The Rock super bowl — 600%
  • Simpsons Super Bowl prediction — 500%
  • Lil dicky super bowl — 400%

Some of the top searches related to the Rams include who scored, why (and when) did Odell Beckham go to the Rams, is the Rams coach married.

Top searches related to the Bengals include asking how old is Burrow (quarterback), and how old is the Bengals coach.

There are some interesting trends when it comes to increases in Google searches related to ‘Super Bowl LVI’ including the most increased searched for term which was “down.” It was searched for 2,050% more than normal. The rapper 50 Cent also made the list with his name being searched for 600% more than normal.

In Las Vegas specifically, the most increased search topics were:

  1. Super Bowl most valuable player +1,800%
  2. Down – Gridiron football +1,750%
  3. Box score +1,500%

In Nevada the most searched for commercials, or items related to the commercials, from the Super Bowl were:

  1. The Sopranos (Chevy ad)
  2. Larry David (FTX crypto ad)
  3. QR code (Coinbase crypto ad)
  4. Kia ad (cute robot dog chases electric car)
  5. Jim Carrey (Verizon ‘Cable Guy’ ad)