If you’ve ever been to Long Beach, California, you can’t miss her.

The Queen Mary has been docked there for 54 years. The tourist attraction is an anchor of memories.

Her glory days are long behind her and she may be gone soon.

The Long Beach Post reports the city would need $23 million in urgent safety repairs to keep the ship viable over the next two years.

A former employee talked about what the ship looked like just before the pandemic forced it to close.

“We were shocked at how she looked,” said Tere Stamoulis. “The railings on sundeck were definitely disintegrating. You could see all the rust. The lifeboats looked like they might be in danger of falling apart.”

The City of Long Beach is now forced to decide the Queen Mary’s fate.

Options include towing her out to sea and sinking her, preserving the ship, or the most expensive option … putting her on land.

The Queen Mary sailed as the grandest ocean liner in the world when she made her maiden voyage in 1936.