LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In response to the deadly stabbing, the city of Las Vegas increased the number of city marshals patrolling the Fremont street area and there has also been an increased police presence on the Las Vegas Strip.

Rolando Espinoza is the creative director for Champagne Creative Group on Sunset and Paradise.

The company hosts big events on the Strip and Fremont street where they create cartoon characters and contract showgirls.

Espinoza said for live events, they’ve had safety protocols in place for the last several years ensuring their clients can speak up if they see something suspicious.

“We work on the strip with festivals and special events all the time, so we’re dealing with the public like 15,000 people in some cases like New Year’s Eve. So you get to see it all and you’re always prepared for that, but Las Vegas is very safe,” explained Espinoza. “I think the bottom line is although there is a random attack on the strip, it has nothing to do with the day-to-day visitation of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is safe.”

Jevante from Arizona was here for his 30th birthday.

He said while last night’s incident is terrifying to hear, he’s always alert when walking the streets.

“I’m pretty aware of my surroundings,” said Jevante.  “I feel sorry for the people who got stabbed though. It was super random that dude was crazy out of his mind.”

Rwand Mustafa agrees. He arrived last night from Iraq when he heard about the incident.

 “When we got here, we saw some police cars and people were around just freaked out and we asked what was happening and we heard someone attacked people, unfortunately, two people died,” said Mustafa. “This is something weird that doesn’t usually happen. We’re okay and feel safe here but I hope this will never happen again.”