AUSTIN (CNN) — Texas police arrested a homeless man who threatened to shoot ‘rich kids’ who attend the University of Texas. Dakota Blakely was arrested at Dell Seton near UT Monday for an assault. But according to police, while Blakely was processed, he began to express threats towards students.

According to court documents, Blakely repeatedly told the threats to a nurse at the university. He also threatened the responding officer, the reports said.

“I’m glad the police were there, and they were able to handle it the way that they did before it turned out to be an incident that would be a bigger deal,” said a student.

Police were also alarmed with the white supremacist messages, along with pictures of guns that cluttered Blakely’s Facebook page.

“It definitely does make it feel more real,” one student said.

In July the city passed a homeless ordinance allowing public sitting, lying and camping. Safehorns, a campus group that works to keep students safe, has urged the city to reconsider their stance.

Safehorns released the following statement regarding the ruling:

“The recent change in the city ordinances has emboldened the criminals as demonstrated several times in the last 24 hours. They present a clear and present danger to students, staff, and faculty in and around the ut campus.”

Blakely is being held on a $65,000 bond total. If Blakely makes bail, he will wear a GPS monitor and will not be allowed within 200 yards of campus.

Christian Flores, a reporter in Austin, Texas, helped in the writing of this story.