LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An Arizona company is starting development of a drone that can be used to stop mass shootings.

Axon, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, announced the project to create “a non-lethal, remotely-operated TASER drone system” on its website on Thursday. The goal of the project is “remotely operated non-lethal drones capable of incapacitating an active shooter in less than 60 seconds,” the company said.

Nevada has a law that prohibits weaponizing drones. Use of equipment like the system announced by Axon probably could not be used here without changes to laws.

“Today, the only viable response to a mass shooter is another person with a gun,” Axon CEO and founder Rick Smith said in a company news release. “In the aftermath of these events, we get stuck in fruitless debates. We need new and better solutions. For this reason, we have elected to publicly engage communities and stakeholders, and develop a remotely operated, non-lethal drone system that we believe will be a more effective, immediate, humane, and ethical option to protect innocent people.”

The drones would be operated by first responders.

Axon proposes the drone as part of a three-part strategy against active shooters:

  • Integrating camera feeds to provide more real-time communication to first-responders
  • Immersive active shooter response training using virtual reality
  • “Immediate threat incapacitation” through remotely operated non-lethal drones

“Functional proof of concept will be available in 2023 with a full solution ready in 2024,” the company said, stating that it would select partners for the collaborative effort this year.