LAS VEGAS (KLAS/Reuters/CBS) — A total of 500 companies in 99 different countries have a Belgium watch company on its radar. According to Reuters, Belgium firm Rombit has created vibrating wristbands that can help guarantee social distancing.

The bracelets look something like a sports watch, and it tells you if you’re too close to another person.

“The functionality of the bracelet is very simple. When somebody wears the bracelet and comes too close to another wearer of the same bracelet, it starts to vibrate,” said John Baekelmans, the CEO of Rombit. “And the only thing the wearer has to do is to step back to ensure he is in a safe distance.”

Currently, the bracelets are being tested by workers at the port of Antwerp in Belgium, where some 60,000 people work.

The workers already wear Rombit’s software, whose primary purpose is to keep them safe by issuing an alert if the wearer enters a dangerous situation.

Reuters Reporter Rosanna Philpott has more on the story.