Bar doodles could be worth millions

National News

NEW YORK CITY, NY (CNN) — An artist’s doodles on the walls of a New York City bar could be worth a fortune! Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara made them 10 years ago — with a felt-tip pen — on the walls of a Manhattan bar named “Niagara.”

The drawings are getting fresh attention after one of Nara’s paintings sold at auction for nearly $25 million.

The bar’s management declined to comment, but a bartender told CNN the artwork, quote: “has been a part of the bar for a long time and will stay that way.” The drawings are protected by a thin layer of plastic installed by the bar’s ownership.

A Sotheby’s Auction House representative estimates they could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Nara’s rep says the artist does not want to see the drawings sold. The rep said it was done in the spirit of the moment and Nara isn’t interested in monetizing them, even though they’re certainly worth some money.

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