MUST SEE VIDEO: Lightning strike near-miss caught on tape


PHOENIX — It was a close call for one Arizona family. lightning hit near a Mother’s Day gathering at a home Sunday, and their reaction was all caught on cell phone video.

The family can laugh about the video now which shows the moment of pure panic, when a bolt of lightning struck just a few feet away from their home in Gold Canyon.

“It was like an explosion and we just saw this bright light and as we all looked over – the flash was coming off the power line but it physically felt like it went – it was just intense,” Sheila Miller said.

The family had gathered out on the patio to relax and open some Mother’s Day presents. There was a storm in the area, but they didn’t think much of it. Then, as Miller’s daughter was recording mom opening a gift, there was a loud bang and a flash of light.

A bolt of lightning had just hit a power pole on the other side of the backyard. Miller’s mom felt a shock in her toes as all the gifts blew off the table. 

“I felt something spark was just like could have been static electricity I’m sure – but – it was just weird,” said Kathy Nolan.

The family is a little surprised by all the attention the video is getting on social media. But it’s not every day a family almost gets hit by lightning .

“When you watch the video – you see the flash of light and realize how close it really was – it kind of makes you stop and go – Arizona weather is crazy,” Miller said. “I’m just glad we can all laugh about it and go wow that was close instead of wow something happened because within feet it could have been inside the yard and you don’t know what it’s gonna do. You really need to respect the weather because it’s very unpredictable here.”

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