LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A long nap in the Angeles National Forest for “Wilford the bear.”  

It was the name given to him by nature photographer, Robert Martinez, who captured a glimpse into his life in the wild.

It’s a bear story better than any nursery rhyme or children’s book.

Martinez placed his camera on a trail that animals use and it turned out to be a perfect spot.

“This video is Wilford entering one of the canyons that he’s familiar with and where I have seen him the last few years. I know he travels this way so I moved my camera right under a clearing. I did not know that Wilford would come and dig a bed and lay right in front of my camera,” Martinez said.

He has been watching this bear for three years, Wilford comes to the area every few months and Martinez has been hoping he’d capture a video like this of him one day.

“He spent four hours lounging, stretching, making some of the cutest poses you’ve ever seen. If people couldn’t love him enough, they love him more after this,” Martinez said,

He has had a love of wildlife since he was a boy and has learned a lot about bears through his videos.

“I noticed the bears love to use smell as a form of communication whether it’s rubbing on a tree, leaving claw marks in a tree, or biting a chunk of bark off.”

He hopes his videos will help protect Wilford and other wild animals.