Mount Charleston receiving fresh snow, here are safety tips for those planning a visit


Mount Charleston saw some snowfall Saturday and even more is expected for Sunday.

While it can be a winter wonderland, driving there can be dangerous. 8 News Now is here to help you prepare, before heading to the mountain.

“We’re here to make snowmen and snow forts,” Joseph Arce said.

Playing in the snow is what brought the Arce kids to the mountain.

“It’s really good, It’s fun to have family time, make snow angels and snow fights, it’s really fun,” Joseph Arce said.

But the road to get to that fun needs to be traveled safely. Several drivers making their way up to Mount Charleston during the day Sunday pulled their cars off the road into a special area, to make sure they could handle the conditions.

“Just putting on some snow chains, I saw the sign up here that said snow chains required, so, we’re heading up to Mount Charleston,” driver Rick Thome said.

The rules are pretty clear. When the lights are flashing, chains or four-wheel drive with snow tires are required. Driving in slick conditions can be dangerous, if you don’t have the right equipment on your cars.

“So you don’t slip all over the road and cause accidents,” Thome said. “The rules are in place for a reason.”

Mount Charleston visitor Christal Thorne agrees.

“You can’t have control over what the weather causes and you could slip. It’s just safer. Safer for everybody around,” Thorne said.

Officials say having chains and the proper tires is also important in the parking lots on the mountain, where it can be especially icy and dangerous. The goal is to keep everyone, including the Arce kids, safe when it snows.

“We get to see beautiful mountains and all the snow and people playing in snow,” Ariana Arce said.

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