Mork’s mother talks of son’s spiral into mental illness


More details are coming out about the man accused of planning terrorist attacks in the Las Vegas valley.

Forty-year-old Nicolai Mork is said to be a brilliant man. He had a perfect GPA at Pomona College and a full-ride scholarshop to MIT.

So, why is Mork sitting in jail right now?

His neighbors are glad a six-month nuisance may finally be gone, but for Mork’s mother, Wednesday was the worst day of her life.

“My husband’s and my reaction is just grief, horror and disbelief,” said Joan Mock.

The disbelief from Joan Mork is that her son Nicolai is again in jail and that he’s charged with such serious crimes. 

You can click here to read the full arrest report from his December arrest.

She struggles to understand how this is happening to a man of such promise.

“He just had an immense amount of talent and intelligence to offer the world,” she said.

8 News NOW spoke with Mork from her Minnesota home.

“To me, it’s a tragedy of all proportions to just punish somebody that is sick.”

Mork describes her son as extremely brilliant, probably a genius. A spectacular student, slowly burdened with the weight of mental illness, something prevalent in the family.

Paranoia, she says, gradually took hold costing him his marriage. There was one focus – the scientology religion.

“He came to believe he was being pursued by them.” 

She says it was hatred.

“He felt that he was protecting us and himself from vengeance from the Scientologists. Maybe he could’ve been redeemed,” Mock said.

Perhaps that explains the enormous amount of bomb-making materials in his house or the occasional explosions at his neighbor’s doorstep.

“The first one, then it was three weeks later. Christmas, it was two in one day,” neighbor John Howell said.

Nicolai Mork was arrested back in December, but bailed out. His mother helped foot the bill. Now that he’s back, she hopes, well as she said, she has little hope.

“I don’t believe Nic thinks anything’s wrong with him, all the potential they could give to the country is lost.”

Mork wants this story to remind people that in certain crimes, there is a back story of mental illness that needs to be addressed.

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