Mobile clinic offers flu shot to residents in southern Nevada


According to the Southern Nevada health district, flu season is long from over. Health officials say the season usually runs from around fall until early spring. 

But southern Nevada is covered because through a mobile clinic adults and children are still able to get flu shots.  The mobile clinic also offers to other immunizations.

“We have this beautiful mobile unit, and we are so excited for Southern Nevada Health District to get this out into the community,” Sarah Lugo, a senior community health nurse for the Southern Nevada Health District said.

A new way of getting your immunizations has arrived, so no longer will you need to make an appointment to be seen. Southern Nevada Health district says their purpose is to get out into the community and provide an easier and more affordable way to get immunizations. 

“It is a walk-in service,” said Lugo. “We are coming out to you; we except multiple insurances.”

Vaccine costs vary based on the type of immunization required and in addition to the vaccine costs, the Health District charges an administration fee of $20 per person for one vaccine and $8 for each additional one after that.

“We know that these immunizations work so that’s the main reason we want to go and prevent it before you ever get the bug so your body can fight it immediately when it’s exposed,” Lugo said.

Mariah Anderson stopped by the mobile clinic, and she says any prevention one can take with the flu is beneficial. She also said she would like to see more of these trucks around town.

 “I think it’s really beneficial to have access to these services that, like I said, really help the community as a whole, help us as families; helps keep us all safe and healthier,” said Anderson. “And the fact that someone is willing to put all the effort to make those more accessible to us just makes me really grateful.”

Janel Adams says she hasn’t gotten the shot for almost 40 years and doesn’t think she’ll be getting one anytime soon. However, she still supports the mobile unit. 

“Wel, I  think it’s nice for people that want to do it and is available to them, and they don’t have to go 30 miles from home to get it,” Adams said.

Despite flu season not being over, health officials say not a lot of people have come to get the shot, and they are still trying to get the word out. 

The mobile clinic is available the first and third Wednesday at Windmill Library and on the second and the forth at Skyview YMCA in North Las Vegas from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The services will be available through April 2018. 

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