The search for a missing four-month-old girl may be over. According to spiritual leaders in North Las Vegas, “baby girl Jackson” was dropped off at the church Wednesday, safe and sound.

Church members of ‘Portals To Glory’ said they were in the middle of dinner at its youth service, when out of nowhere, two people knocked on the door, saying they had “baby girl Jackson.”

“He was very calm. He wasn’t real excited, he talked to me very gentle,” said Elder Kelvin Ray, Portals to Glory Church. “The young lady who came with him to bring the items for the baby, I’ve never seen her before.  They just came here in the sanctuary and put the baby down and gave us the bags and walked away.”

The child’s parents, Octavia Jackson and Nicholios Nealy, were arrested and booked into a Kingman, Arizona jail last week.
The story of “baby girl Jackson” is complicated.  She was born four-months ago at University Medical Center, and at the same time she was preparing to come into the world, her parents Jackson and Nealy, were being investigated in Arizona for child abuse.
Authorities said the couple even denied that the baby existed. They were arrested for not informing officers of her whereabouts.

When “baby girl Jackson” was dropped off at the church, Elder Ray helped get the child into the right care.

North Las Vegas Police and Mohave County Sheriff says it cannot confirm yet that the child is “Baby Girl Jackson,” but it’s looking more and more like she is the missing baby.

Pastor Cleo Jamerson says he’s glad the baby ended up on his church’s doorstep.

“That’s my thought, to keep the doors open for those that need help and need a sanctuary,” Jamerson said.

As for the people who dropped off the child, it is unclear what their relationship is to the parents.  The man and the woman were interviewed by the Nevada Attorney General’s office, and it doesn’t look like they will face any charges.

In the meantime, “Baby Girl Jackson” is in the care of the state of Nevada.

Authorities said “Baby Girl Jackson” was born in February, but her first name is unknown.