Miracle Flights transports group of medical professionals to Honduras to treat kids


A group of medical professionals with Nevada ties are in Honduras helping children with heart problems.  The group plans to be in the Central American country for about a week, and all of it is made possible by two organizations, including one from Las Vegas. 

“These are special catheters that are balloon catheters,” said Dr. Alvaro Galindo, a pediatric cardiologist at Children’s Heart Center Nevada. 

The group plans to use the numerous medical supplies donated for the trip for various procedures over the next week.

Heart defects are the number one birth defect,” said Dr. Galindo. “We know there are many children born with heart defects and they never get any access to care.”

Dr. Galindo’s team of 13 medical professionals who either work in Nevada or have ties to the state are providing that care. 

Although the Dr. Galindo’s main goal is to help sick children, he knows he also has to be cognizant of their surroundings.

“It’s exciting but at the same time we know we’re going somewhere that can be a difficult situation,” said Dr. Galindo.  “The resources are limited; the political instability, the crime rate in Honduras is high. So I do feel a lot of responsibility for our team.” 

The entire medical mission was made possible by the partnership between World Pediatrics Project and Miracle Flights. 

“None of this could be done by a single group or organization,” Dr. Galindo said.

“We like to say that we have a cure for distance,” said Mark Brown,  the CEO of Miracle Flights.

Miracle Flights books free commercial air transportation for children to see doctors, but this time, they’re paying for the doctors.

“We pay for the doctors to fly into these distant locations,” Brown said.

Miracle Flights and world pediatrics project, a group working with various medical partners to deliver critical care in developing countries, came together two years ago.  This is the first team from Nevada participating in this joint endeavor. 

“This Nevada team is actually the best team I’ve ever worked with,” Dr. Galindo said.

Miracle Flights estimates this trip costs about $20,000 just in flights.

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