The state of California, known for its beaches and great weather, has now become a little too unaffordable for millions of people living there, so many of them, including millennials, are moving to Las Vegas.

Many millennials are saying goodbye to the golden state and hello to the silver state because they say they have to work more than one job, have multiple roommates or live with their parents to afford their lifestyle in California.

“I’ve come to Las Vegas plenty of times before growing up,” said Cyndy Hernandez, millennial who moved to Las Vegas.  “I have family here.  Obviously, after I was 21, this was the place to go.  When you’re from California is not that far, and I liked it.”

Hernandez, 30, is a USC graduate who says California has just become too expensive and overcrowded.

But thanks to Las Vegas’ cheaper cost of living, job opportunities, affordable new homes and less traffic, the valley has become an ideal destination for millennials.

“I just loved the community, Hernandez said. “It kind of has this small town feel with the big city.”

In 2016 Census numbers showed a rise in the number who left Los Angeles and Orange counties to less expensive California areas. Th Census figures show some even left the sate altogether. 

Hernandez says it’s much easier in Las Vegas and she feels more comfortable living in the valley.

“I live on the southwest side,” Hernandez said. “I live in a pretty nice apartment complex. It has really nice pools with cabanas that I’ve enjoyed thouroughly this summer. It has a pretty well-stocked gym; the clubhouse and community room has been really nice; it’s comfortable.”

Shes even started to save money for a home and put away some funds for her 401k.

“Young people need to start thinking about their future cause it’s going to happen a lot faster than we think and Nevada is a place where we can do that; where you can live here as a young person, enjoy life, but also be able to build for a future,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez says she’s not looking back at the California lifestyle and she expects to make Las Vegas her home for a long time.