Millennials cater vacations to most ‘Instagramable’ spots


‘Doing it for the gram!’ That has become a popular slogan amongst people who post an idealistic life featuring, opulence and fabulous-living and travel on Instagram.  In fact, the popular photo-sharing app is impacting travel trends around the world.  

A survey from Schofield’s reveals that more millennials prioritize picture-worthiness when it comes to choosing their vacation destinations, and many want to capture the picture perfect moment in Las Vegas.

“Just looking for the best shot,” said Shy Taylor, a Brooklyn, New York visitor.

The goal for many millennials when they’re deciding where to travel is based on photos they see on Instagram.

“I’m actually doing a Snapchat documentary of just me traveling all kinds of places; showing my friends, hey I can get out here too,” said Latasha Walter, Fort Worth, Texas.

Snapchat is one of many social media apps that cater to millennials, but research from Schofield’s shows Instagram influences travelers between 18 and 33.       
More than 40 percent of millennials are concerned about how trips appear to friends and family rather than costs or experiencing the local food.  

“So I think often when I go places I’m like, ‘is this going to look good on my social media account,'” Taylor asked. 

Las Vegas is an Instagrammable destination from downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street to visiting the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority hopes their social media use will help them to capitalize on marketing just how Instagram-worthy  Las Vegas really is. 

“Social media is a great way for them to see what’s in Las Vegas,” said Amanda Peters, LVCVA spokesperson. 

The LVCVA’s website promotes the best Instagramable spots in Las Vegas.  Last year roughly 42 million people visited Las Vegas, and according to Peters, 38 percent of them were millennials.  

“That’s the first time that we’ve seen here in Las Vegas that our largest generational market is actually the millennial crowd,” Peters said.

“I feel the millennials have a bigger impact on our business,” Mack Chier, adventure specialist with Escape Campervans.

Escape  Campervans in Las Vegas offers a unique travel experience in colorful vehicles.

“They’re all handpainted with spray paint cans,” said Chier.

That look and the ability to visit nearby states and Snap photos helps promote the business. 

“Posting things on Instagram and everyone’s asking ‘what’s that, where did you get that,’ Chier said.  “We get a lot of questions. Get a lot of business that way.”  

It’s the modern way to fuel tourism while seeking the perfect shot. 

“It’s just fun to get out there and have people see what you’re doing,” Taylor said.

Last year, the Las Vegas Strip made the top ten list of ‘Most Instagrammed Locations’ around the world.

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