Mexico’s Zacango Ecological Park celebrates birth, good health of Nile Hippopotamus baby


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Mexico’s Zacango Ecological Park is celebrating the birth and good health of a Nile Hippopotamus baby who is growing up under the watchful eye of his mother.

The male hippo was born in July and at the time of his birth, zoo officials said he had only a 15% chance of survival due to the fact that his mother “Tamba” had trouble feeding her previous offspring.

“The (baby hippo’) socialization is improving with the other hippos, in this case with his father and with Gloria even though the mother is still a little possessive and doesn’t let him spend much time with them,” said Carlos Pumarino Jimenez, Chief of Animal Welfare at the Zacango Ecological Park.

“The most important advance we’ve had to now is that little by little he’s not drinking as much milk, he’s starting to consume solids. His favorite food now is hydroponic grass,” added Jimenez.

“It’s possible that he’ll (baby hippo) survive now because he started eating, the mother is helping him a lot, protecting him a lot. And, later we’ll be able to have fun with him,” said Tomas De La Cruz, Zoo worker.

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