Metro warns of paintball gun attacks


Metro Police are searching for some paintball gun bandits.  According to officers, a recent series of drive-by paintball shootings in Las Vegas has resulted in the endangerment of multiple people. 

“We teach you what to expect. We show you how to play,” said Mike Gallagher, the owner of Bonehead Paintball. 

Gallagher wasn’t surprised when we called him today. We wanted to learn more about the activity and the potential dangers. 

“Once a year I have to go through this,” he said. “It’s nothing new and I’m afraid it will be done again in a year unfortunately.”

The attacks have occurred at the following locations:

  • Sahara and Decatur
  • Flamingo and Jones 
  • Washington and Buffalo

Metro says multiple vehicles were used to carry out the attacks.

Metro says multiple vehicles were used to carry out the attacks.

“I feel bad for those people. It must have scared the heck out of them,” said Gallagher. 

Under Nevada law, it is illegal to discharge any firearm (even one powered by air) in a public place where any person might be endangered, Metro said.

Metro says Paintball guns are not intended for use on the streets. Please report any information that can identify the attackers to Metro Police.

“When it’s not done in a safe environment, it doesn’t give us a good name. It doesn’t give the paintball players a good name. It just hurts everything for us.”

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