Metro video shows aerial footage of concert venue following shooting


Among the massive amount of evidence is a bird’s eye view from a Metro airplane.

The almost seven hours of aerial footage shows the moments after the shooting and into the morning the next day. Some of the video is too graphic to show.

The time stamp is 12:25 a.m. A metro airplane makes it’s way to the festival grounds, flying over McCarran International Airport and recording the massive police presence in the area.

By this time, most of the crowd has left the immediate area seeking shelter at airport hangars, casinos, and restaurants.

The footage then cuts out for a few minutes and reappears in night vision. A small group of people can be seen walking on the street. It’s hard to tell whether it’s police or concert goers.

The video stays in black and white for about three hours, mostly showing the empty concert venue across the street from the Mandalay Bay.

Just after 3:30 in the morning it goes back to color, keeping the camera focused on the Las Vegas Village festival grounds recording all around.

At some point the camera pulls away a few times, getting wide shots of the Strip. 

During the 6 o’clock hour, the sun begins to rise. For about one more hour, the aircraft continues recording over the devastation as investigators get to work.

8 News Now has decided not to show any of the main concert ground, especially the daytime video out of respect for all the victims and their families.

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