Metro Police are handing out more tickets these days but it’s not what you may think. They are keeping an eye out for people doing good in the community.

You might say Metro is on a mission with the help of the LVMPD Foundation and the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

 “Anytime somebody sees the badge and they get approached it makes people a little nervous,” said Sgt. Braden Schrag, Metro. “Our good ticket program is to help us recognize the great work our community members are doing.”

They’re giving tickets to those doing good in the valley.

“Long as we know the kids get across safely so they can get an education, it’s worth it,” said crossing guard Brandon Johnson.

Johnson and his crossing guard partner Penelope Vavoukakis are among the few chosen to be ticketed. 

“As long as I have my health, I’ll be crossing the kids,” Vavoukakis said.

The program was developed years ago but became official in the last several months as a project for girl scout Sydney Ramenofsky.

“After this project, I’ve worked with so many amazing officers and so many amazing people. It’s unbelievable and police officers aren’t scary to me anymore,” she said.

These good tickets aim to strengthen the bonds between the public and the police.

“Allow them the opportunity to see behind the badge and better engage with them and better humanize the uniform, if you will,” Sgt. Schrag said.

The program also helps raise money for Metro. They rely on donations from local businesses to help the good tickets go around.