Metro arrests masked man with fake gun in Boulevard Mall


Las Vegas police say officers arrested a masked man at the Boulevard Mall, which had been evacuated after reports of a gunman. However, police say the gun appears to be a fake.

The Boulevard Mall is located at the intersection of Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway.  The area was closed for a couple of hours as police looked for the masked gunman. 

The suspect was eventually taken into custody around 11:30 p.m.  Metro Police said they also retrieved the gun and the mask.  

The incident first unfolded, shortly after 7 p.m., when witnesses told police they saw a man armed with a long gun and wearing a mask walking through the mall.

“It just freaked me out. I was like ‘oh, God.’ It’s just so scary,” said Eleanor Palmer, daughter works in Boulevard Mall. “She wasn’t even suppose to be in there working today, she got called in. I’m just trying to keep it together, I know she’s fine, it’s just scary, just makes your heart just stop.”

.Watch Facebook Live video from the scene below:

There were also reports of shots fired, but Metro said that was not true. 

“While she’s talking I’m thinking ‘he’s going to start drawing and start shooting,'” said Frederick MaGee Jr., a witness. “She stood there and talked to him for a minute, and he said, “today is my day”, and when he said “today is my day” I tore off, people starting running, running over people, picking up people.”

According to Metro’s tweet, there also weren’t any reports of victims.

8 News NOW had a crew arrive at the scene early on in the investigation.  Reporter Shakala  Alvaranga shares details of what she witnessed when she first arrived at the scene:  

People in the area took to social media to tweet video and share knowledge about what they had witnessed.

After searching and sweeping the mall three times, Metro said in a news conference around 8:50 p.m. that the suspect was not found.

Metro said the man was last seen in the central part of the mall.

“Shortly after the response, we did have officers inside the security office at the mall with access to those cameras,” said Deputy Chief Chris Jones, Metro Police.  “The individual can be described as a male who was fully clothed and wearing a mask.”

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