LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As reports of drug-resistant fungus ‘Candida Auris’ circulate around Southern Nevada hospitals, medical experts told 8 News Now everyone should be aware, but only a specific group of people should be concerned. 

“It’s coming, it’s emerging,” Dr. Carlos J. Lopez, MD, FAAP said of Candida Auris. “It’s getting more cases.”

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reported cases of the drug-resistant fungus at 16 hospitals and three skilled nursing facilities in Southern Nevada as of Monday.

Dr. Lopez told 8 News Now this is something he and other physicians are watching for, as serious cases can cause bloodstream infections. 

“They need to be very aware,” Dr. Lopez explained. “That they are looking for this.”

“Really it was just a matter of time until we saw it in a healthcare facility,” UNLV Assistant Professor of Public Health Brian Labus said. “Here in Southern Nevada.”

However, Labus added that it’s important to know that this disease attacks people who are already immunocompromised. 

“It’s not something we are going to see spread into schools or workplaces or something like that,” he explained. 

Candida Auris won’t normally make a healthy person sick, according to professionals, but anyone can carry it, so handwashing and overall hygiene are important to keep all our loved ones safe. 

“I think we have the chance to stop this,” Dr. Lopez concluded. “From getting into our communities.”
Both experts said this disease is treatable even though it is considered ‘drug-resistant,’ it just requires a more specific strategy. 

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