Massive Golden Knights jersey draped over Statue of Liberty at New York-New York


The Statue of Liberty outside the New York-New York hotel and casino received an update to her wardrobe Friday morning. 

A giant Golden Knights jersey was draped over Lady Liberty to show support to the hockey team during game two of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  

The puck drops at 7 p.m. at T-Mobile Arena.

The process of draping Lady Liberty in black and gold was consumed with a lot of hours and a lot of fabric.

It took 400-hours just to make the jersey out of five individual sheets of vinyl fabric panels.  The giant wrap weighs about 600-pounds.

It also took crews onboard two cranes all morning long to put it up.  To add additional strength to the jersey, the hems and connection points were built with the same material used in seat belts. 

From the streets up to the bridges crossing Las Vegas Boulevard, it is almost impossible to miss the representation of black and gold on the Strip. There’s even a massive hockey puck sticking out of Caesars.

“That’s my parent’s favorite hotel, so I was just gonna take a picture for them, and he was like oh my gosh there’s a jersey on it,” said Kevin Wiklund as he laughed.

“I’m looking at it, and I’m going, ‘how far we’ve come.’ They picked this team to win it. Don’t be surprised if we do,” said Michael Rogers, a Golden Knights fan.

On Wednesday, the Golden Knights won game one of the playoffs against the L.A. Kings.  The team is hoping to strike gold again in the second game Friday night.

The playoffs fever will move to L.A. over the weekend when the Knights play the Kings Sunday on their home turf.

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