Massachusetts investigating allegations against Wynn; he’s opening casino, hotel in Boston


Facing trouble in Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn could also be in hot water in Massachusetts.

The Nevada gaming control board announced Tuesday that it’s opening an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Wynn. 

On Wednesday, regulators in Massachusetts held a special meeting about the fallout of last Friday’s Wall Street Journal article about Wynn.

Wynn is building a hotel/casino near Boston, but the settlement mentioned in that Wall Street Journal article was not mentioned when Wynn applied for his gaming license in the state of Massachusetts.

The head of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission was seemingly miffed by allegations against the casino magnate.

“The people of Massachusetts have a right to know what the hell happened here,” said Stephen Crosby, chairman of Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Now, commissioners in Massachusetts opened up an investigation and are learning quickly from state investigators that Wynn’s $7.5 million settlement, the subject of the Wall Street Journal article was kept from regulators.

Stephen Crosby: “Reiterate to me why that was not apparent to us during the investigation,” Crosby said.  
Karen Wells, investigator: “What we have discovered is that that was, in fact, a private agreement.”

Gaming regulations outline a strict standard of conduct for its license holders and state law allows the board to enforce those standards as it sees fit.  That can include fines, suspending a license or revoking it permanently.

“I would say he should step down,” said Tiffany Jones, a tourist. “Obviously, it’s his company; just you want people to trust him, and I think right now people don’t trust him.”    

“If the facts prove out, I think he should step aside, but it seems to me that they need to do some more investigation,” said Charles Craig, tourist.

The gaming control board meets next week, but it’s not clear what, if any discussion related to Wynn will take place.  Until then, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen.

“Because the story just broke recently, so maybe a few more months of investigation, and then let the chips fall where they may, as Mr. Wynn might say,” Craig said.

Separately, the Wynn Board of directors has launched its own internal investigation.  Board member Pat Mulroy is leading the inquiry.

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