Maryland police officer uses music to calm autistic teen


A Maryland police officer used his training and musical skills to calm an autistic teen. He was responding to a family dispute call from a concerned mother whose 23-year-old son suffers from autism and bipolar disorder.

“It seem like Kameron was having a bad day, he was a little excited, he was a little elevated,” said Corporal Christian Payamps.

While Payamps waited for a crisis team to respond, he did something the mother has never seen before.

“And that’s when I let him know that I’m also a musician, talking about the guitars and the basses in the room. He grabbed the acoustic guitar and I grabbed the bass and you can hear what happened.”

“He completely calmed down with the officer without any other intervention,” said Sharon Vollin, Kameron’s mother.

Payamps, who has been an officer for more than 11 years, he credits his training with the Prince George’s County Police Department for a quick solution.

“We have a mental health component that is taught. Individuals with mental health battles, struggles, can actually have great creative minds and can contribute to our society. It’s just a matter of us taking a step back.”

“I told him, I said you need to train other police officers in other jurisdictions on ways to diffuse, because that was perfect. It was a perfect solution,” Vollin said.

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