Metro Police are searching for the suspects in a robbery at a local marijuana dispensary that left one person injured.  According to officers, three suspects got away with $28,000 worth of pot and about a $1,000 in cash.

The robbery occurred Friday around closing time at 11:30 p.m. at Silver Sage Wellness on Charleston near Decatur Boulevard. The incident caused the facility to be closed over the weekend, but it reopened Monday.

According to Metro Police sources, the three suspects wore masks and hoodies.

Sources say an employee confronted the trio, but then one of them hit the worker over the head with a gun.  The employee’s condition is unknown.

“Definitely disappointing to hear about that with any of our friends in the community,” said Tanya Lupien, vice-president of sales & marketing at Medizin Dispensary. 

According to Lupien, a break-in occurred at Medizin Dispensary just over a year ago.

“We had someone come in during the night, before we were open 24/7 and burglarize our place,” Lupien said.

Not only is the store now open 24 hours a day, but since the break-in, Medizin has also beefed up security.

“We’ve got security both inside and outside the building at all times, certain times of the evening we will have employees escorted to their vehicles so somebody is always on watch,” Lupien said.

Along with the many layers of security, Lupien they facility also no longer keeps large amounts of cash on property.
It’s an all-cash industry because banking with federally regulated banks is not an option.

“I think there’s this notion that there’s a lot of cash on-premise or there’s; obviously there’s value on the products but I think most stores have taken the initiative to get cash off-site to keep their employees safe and to protect their business,” said Lupien.  “Eventually they always seem to get caught so in my opinion, is not really a matter of if but when.”

The general manager of the at Silver Sage Wellness dispensary declined to speak about the incident, telling 8 News NOW to speak to the Nevada Dispensary Association about the ordeal.