Marijuana dispensary numbers could grow with recreational pot


The last marijuana dispensary in Clark County is set to open in a matter of weeks.

All municipalities in southern Nevada that are participating in a pot program have hit the maximum allowed under state law.

Cultivate is located near Spring Mountain Road and Valley View Boulevard. 

Not only have municipalities hit the maximum allowed, but the state has allowed a few to go over the limit. Despite the cap on dispensaries, the number could double as soon as the permanent recreational program comes online.

“You can see, we’ve done quite a bit,” said Matthew McClure, general manager, Cultivate. “We’re kind of in the tail end of this.” 

It’s been a long time coming but Cultivate is getting ready to open.

“We have the final inspection left to do, which we’ll be able to do once we’ve completed our construction inspections,” McClure said.

The medical marijuana dispensary is number 26 in Clark County. The last one to be approved.

“I’d like to think that we’re saving the best for last, you know, I think again, if we could have done it before, we would have,” McClure said. 

Under state law, Clark County and cities within, are allowed up to 40 dispensaries combined, but there are currently 48 of them.

Some counties and cities in the state are not participating in any marijuana program so those licenses have been handed over to Clark County.

“It took a long time to get the medical up and running but the recreational has been very fast and unbelievably smooth,” said state Senator Tick Segerblom, (D) District 3. 

Since last July, a number of marijuana facilities have been selling both medical and recreational pot under a provisional program, until the state approves permanent regulations for the retail program approved by voters in 2016.

“They’ve been approved by the taxation and now they go to what’s called a legislative commission but they will be approved here in the next month probably,” Sen. Segerblom said.

Question 2, allows for up to 80 dispensaries, almost doubling the number currently up and running in Clark County.

For now, Cultivate will only sell medical marijuana but they hope to get into the recreational business in the near future.

“We’re going to continue to uphold the standard that everybody else has in the state and offer a great medical marijuana establishment.”

The dispensary in set to open in early March.

Meanwhile, local jurisdictions will have to eventually figure out a retail pot licensing process after the state implements permanent regulations.

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